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Let’s Grow Together
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We EMBRACE DEPTH in everything
we do

From our relationships to our work, from investment to exit, we strive to go deep. But we never lose sight of what we are diving down to accomplish: Growth.

Our Story

And an
expansive GLOBAL NETWORKto support

We won’t always have the answer. But through the combination of our own experience taking companies to market in the US, and the relationships we’ve built as Senior Advisors to TPG and beyond, we’re confident we know someone who will.

Our Portfolio
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DEEP ROOTS planted in the Israeli ecosystem

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel is home. As cultural natives of our market, we know its people and speak its language. We understand what it means to be locally grounded.

Our Team

We enable entrepreneurs to focus on what really matters in their quest to build thriving technology companies.

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