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Our Story

We are an Israel-based investment firm focused on early growth stage technology and tech-enabled businesses.
With a dual presence in Tel Aviv and New York, our team fuses investment and operating experience, deep local Israeli roots, and an expansive global network to support entrepreneurs in their quest to build thriving technology companies.

Our roots date back to 2016, when we were established by TPG Growth as an investment platform for early growth technology investments in Israel. An independent fund since 2020, our culture remains grounded in this heritage, bringing the rigor and depth of private equity to early growth investing. We continue to serve as Senior Advisors to TPG Growth, and in this context seek opportunities for collaboration on selected large-check, growth stage investments in Israel.

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We Are

Grounded LocaLly

Embedded in the Israeli ecosystem, we understand its culture, speak its language, and know its people. At the same time, our network and our capabilities – built organically throughout our careers and extended through our reach as Senior Advisors to TPG – are international.

& connected globally

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We Are


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We are former entrepreneurs and CEOs with management, operations, and execution experience on one hand; on the other, former investment bankers and private equity professionals with the financial know-how necessary to β€˜get under the hood’ and propel results.

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We Are

Grounded Localy

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, we take pride in our Israeli roots – and in being natives of our market. But with an equally firm footing in the US and origins from within one of its largest private equity organizations, our DNA is unmistakably American too. We feel at home in both.

& connected globally

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We believe that in order to
help founders grow their
companies into large-scale,
international businesses...

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you have to
embrace depth

You have to forge deep relationships with entrepreneurs – and with all the stakeholders they will encounter on their growth journey.
You have to possess deep knowledge in relevant subject matter, and the experience that comes with having done it before.
You have to dive into the details from due diligence to exit.
And you have to have to have deep integrity and humility. Because at the end of the day, while we strive to cultivate growth, it’s the company and its leaders actually doing the growing.

We enable Israeli entrepreneurs to focus on what really matters in their quest to build thriving technology companies.